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Brake Services

Brake Pad and Rotor Inspections in Norwood, Massachusetts

Ensuring that your braking mechanism is in proper working order is imperative whenever you are on the road. If anything goes wrong with the system the dangers are all too obvious. So if your vehicle suffers a problem then pay us a visit here at Route 1 Auto Services without delay.

From our location at Norwood, Massachusetts, we have been serving motorists for years. We have developed a reputation for quality and good customer service and we attract custom from towns and cities to the south west of Boston, including Westwood, Dedham, Canton, Walpole and Sharon.

Repairing and replacing defective brakes is one of the jobs we do most often. We are experts in the field so if your vehicle’s brakes are not working properly then make sure we are the mechanics of choice. We will be able to sort the problem in a couple of hours and as a driver, you will feel better with your mind at ease knowing the brakes are fully-functioning.

We take the time to take apart everything associated with the brakes, assess the damage, and repair it in our brake shop. We then put the entire system back together with the whole job taking typically between two and three hours.

Brakes can become worn out, in which case they need new pads and rotors – the brake’s main components. Brake inspection is recommended on a regular basis.

However, it is also possible that the hoses could malfunction or spring a leak. If that happens the brake fluid will not flow thru to the brakes, and the vehicle will not stop when you put your foot on the brake pedal. Obviously that is a very dangerous position to be in when driving.

The hydraulics could fail, so could the steel line or steel cylinders. Whatever the case make sure you contact Route 1 Auto Services on (781) 218-9942 right away.


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